SEALS Group visit to Papua New Guinea

SEALS Group recently accepted an invitation from Papua New Guinea for their team to inspect and assess potential projects where PolyCom Stabilising Aid can assist with reducing construction and maintenance costs for infrastructure projects. Areas such as sealed and unsealed local roads, highways, road shoulders, airstrips, palm oil plantation roads, mining haul and access roads, LNG access... Read More

Jakarta Port upgrade with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

SEALS Group, in collaboration with our Indonesian distributors PT Rekakarya Geoteknik, have recently completed the upgrade of two areas at the Jakarta Port, Tanjung Priok. The incorporation of Polycom into the detailed design by Rekakarya allowed these swampy areas, with very low CBR, soft clay and high ground water to be transformed into container stacking... Read More

QLD Council slashes maintenance costs with the help of PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Following a recent tender for road stabilisation, Isaac Regional Council rehabilitated 43 kilometres of Lou Lou Park Road with PolyCom Stabilising Aid late last year. Gravel re-sheeting and maintenance grading have been used to maintain the rural road in the past, however Manager Infrastructure (West), Pat Moore, said the remote location and poor geotechnical conditions... Read More

Roadmaker PolyCom App now available for Android and iOS

The new Roadmaker PolyCom App is now available for Android and iOS.  With a dedicated, Australia-wide and selected International network of distributors, PolyCom Stabilising Aid creates a stronger pavement that lasts longer, saving road makers time, money and resources. In this app you can find: About us, Application information, FAQs about PolyCom, Photos, Videos, Find... Read More

Flood resistant PolyCom road – 3 years on

Our colleagues, Betta Roads, recently received feedback about a road treated with PolyCom Stabilising Aid in the Gascoyne region. After years of traffic, heat, storms and flooding, the road is still holding strong. The road in north west WA was treated with PolyCom by the council several years ago, prior to sealing. Since treatment, it... Read More

Brisbane’s first Artificial Turf Football Pitch

SEALS Brisbane in conjunction with Polytan STI have come together to construct Brisbane’s first artificial turf football pitch at Souths United Football Club.  PolyCom’s ability to improve hard to manage, low strength natural soils at a fraction of the price of traditional Lime stabilisation was used to help deliver the project on budget and on... Read More

PolyCom roads stand up to the tropical wet season

Councils up in Far North Queensland are seeing the benefits of PolyCom stabilisation firsthand.  A section of this road was stabilised with PolyCom just before the recent wet season hit and a section was not… See the difference after over 700mm of rain. PolyCom treated PolyCom treated PolyCom treated Untreated Untreated Untreated

Congratulations to Earthco Projects on Sustainability Awards

Congratulations to our distribution partners down in Victoria Earthco Projects on taking out the “Product sustainability through Design, Manufacture and Use” award at the prestigious 2014 Banksia Awards in Sydney. The Victoria-based distributor of PolyCom Stabilising Aid works with local government across Victoria, NSW and Tasmania to build a longer lasting unsealed road network. PolyCom is... Read More

Field-proven road stabilising alternative PolyCom inspires at VIVID Sydney

By EARTHCO PROJECTS PTY LTD News Date: 29 May 2015 At a fast paced VIVID Sydney event, ten 2014 Banksia Awards winners expressed their vision of sustainability. “What we want to do is inspire the conversation from large corporates down to community groups,” said Banksia CEO Graz van Egmond. Amongst innovators from Tasmania Land Conservancy,... Read More

Traditional road building methods bite the dust

After years of re-sheeting an unsealed road on a regular schedule, a council in rural NSW was ready for a better approach. “If we keep doing what we’ve been doing for the last 50 years,” said the Operations Manager, “we’ll go broke.”  Hearing word that PolyCom Stabilising Aid was reducing maintenance for adjoining councils, the... Read More