Jakarta Port upgrade with PolyCom Stabilising Aid

SEALS Group, in collaboration with our Indonesian distributors PT Rekakarya Geoteknik, have recently completed the upgrade of two areas at the Jakarta Port, Tanjung Priok. The incorporation of Polycom into the detailed design by Rekakarya allowed these swampy areas, with very low CBR, soft clay and high ground water to be transformed into container stacking yards with increased strength, flexibility and water resistance to support the heavy static loading of the containers, the straddle loaders and the reach stackers.

The design called for 900mm of compacted fill material, a layer of Geofabric, followed by 600mm of material stabilised with PolyCom Stabilising Aid, a layer of sand bedding and then paving blocks were placed as the surface layer.

The design specified a minimum of 90% CBR for the PolyCom stabilised layers. Quality control conducted 140 CBR tests with stabilisation results reaching 198% CBR while the untreated material showed results in the range of 22-38% CBR. 

Plate loading tests were also conducted at 250% above the design load. Acceptable displacement from the client was 1.102cm and the results from the PolyCom stabilised pavement showed displacement of only 1.5mm.

In addition to surpassing design expectations, the simplicity of the PolyCom stabilisation process, the environmental and cost benefits over traditional stabilisation techniques and also savings in freight and logistics costs helped to ensure this project was a success on all levels.