Flood resistant PolyCom road – 3 years on

Our colleagues, Betta Roads, recently received feedback about a road treated with PolyCom Stabilising Aid in the Gascoyne region.
After years of traffic, heat, storms and flooding, the road is still holding strong. The road in north west WA was treated with PolyCom by the council several years ago, prior to sealing. Since treatment, it has been subjected to regular traffic and has flooded four times. In one instance, this section of road received 275mm of rain in three days and sat under water until it drained away.

The pictures were taken in February this year after a heavy summer storm and subequent flooding. The damage is obvious outside the PolyCom treatment line where the road has washed away and scoured significantly.

PolyCom has helped to keep the pavement intact, allowing the road to withstand water ingress.