PolyCom Stabilising Aid – highly effective yet simple road stabiliser

PolyCom road 1

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is a high-performing road stabilisation product with applications for sealed or unsealed road construction and maintenance, mining haul road maintenance, transport hardstands, embankment stabilisation and earthworks in general.

PolyCom has a pronounced effect on the behaviour of the pavement such that maintenance is dramatically reduced which of course reduces life cycle costs.

What is also remarkable about PolyCom is the simplicity of the whole process from delivery to application. PolyCom is supplied in 2kg bottles, which will stabilise 50m³ or 100 tonnes of material. Again, the application rate is made simple: it is the same for every material. PolyCom was developed this way. So if you are stabilising a 1km long road, 5m wide to a depth of 100mm, you only need 10 bottles, which can be delivered by car.

How can so little go so far? Well, PolyCom is sophisticated in its design and development, but with simplicity of use in mind in every facet of its application.

PolyCom is spread dry with purpose-built spreading units which are attached to the rear of a site vehicles (or can be handheld for small areas) and only takes a few minutes. It will not disrupt normal construction practices. PolyCom spreading is very simple and can be done by any person in the crew.
Once spread, all you need is the usual road construction plant, ie grader, rollers and a water truck.

PolyCom is then mixed through the material by simple blade mixing. For remote communities, this is a simple and inexpensive method of obtaining an enhanced unsealed pavement with greatly reduced maintenance and cost.

Finally, perhaps the most simple aspect of PolyCom is that it will work with almost any existing road material so you don’t have to import any expensive gravel. Just use what you have and add PolyCom. Simple!



Pavement stabilisation using stabilising machines or graders

Wear course improvement – natural ground and unsealed gravel roads

Stabilisation of sub-grades to increase strength and prevent water softening

Capping of sub-grade layers during construction to prevent traffic damage and water softening

Remediation of sodic soils to prevent piping (tunneling)

Haul road and hardstand construction

Weather proofing road materials

Benefits of use:

• Increased strength while remaining flexible

• Increased workability

• High degree of water resistance

• No cure time constraints

• Always re-workable

• Stabilised material can be stockpiled indefinitely


PolyCom is approved for use in water catchment areas (W.A. Health dept) and is the only stabilisation product meeting the criteria for ‘ECOBuy’ (Govt centre for environmental purchasing) and the NSW local govt sustainable choice.

Typical Water Savings:

30%-50% during construction phase

Carbon Footprint comparison:

Traditional stabilisation product – 1,500 Kg of CO2 is produced to manufacture sufficient product to stabilise 100 ton of pavement material at a standard 2% rate.

PolyCom stabilisation product – 5 Kg of CO2 is produced to manufacture sufficient product to stabilise 100 ton of pavement material at the equivalent rate.